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Quickserv technical limited is a leading vendor and installer of CIJPs(Continous inkjet printers) equipment and management solutions for the coding market. Our outstanding products, implementation excellence and solid reputation are the result of over a Quarter -century of experience and innovation, creating and delivering the most advanced technologies and services for  production, management and control. As a whole service provider we are fully certified for installing and managing the following coding machines; Domino, Willet, Citronix, Markem, and Hitachi. Our systems are also fully compliant with the requirements of Health safety. Quickserve products supports your entire coding needs from product to pallet, encompassing primary, secondary and tertiary packaging , while the machine handle the daily counter reports for easier paperwork.

Quickserve doesn't only offer hardware solutions, though. We are justifiably proud of our after sales support. Our infrastructure is designed to ensure maximum support with minimum delay. A bilingual Helpdesk team is available 24/7 to provide immediate response and support at times of need. Highly trained on our extensive product range and all aspects of its operation, their goal is to resolve issues over the phone quickly and efficiently. If necessary, a skilled technician can rapidly be despatched for on-site inspection or repair. Our dedicated Service and Quick departments handle all major repairs.

Simply, we provide everything a quick service coding needs to operate an effective date coding, and we back it with world class support. Welcome to Quickserve Technical limited - the Coding industry's partner in success for over 21 years.

  • Innovation Solutions, Relevant to your Sector
  • Full Coding Capability
  • Full Substrate Capability
  • Surpassing Industry Requirements
  • Total Solutions approach for coding and marking
  • Electrification at its best

Industrial Coding

Improve efficiency throughout your production and labelling processes with advanced coding and printing technology from various coding manufacturers.


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Quality electrical spares for your domestic and industrial needs at affordable price, delivered to your door step.